A luxurious mask with rejuvenating mud sourced from the Dead Sea, combined with essential oils, including calming lavender, make this product the perfect addition to your skincare routine. This masque is enriched with Hemp.


A natural, powerful combination of calming essential oils and revitalizing Vitamin E, that addresses the signs of aging, diminishes wrinkles, as well as protect the skin from environmental factors. This oil is infused with Hemp.


A calming formula of essential oils, soothing aloe, and brightening mango butter. The cream simultaneously boosts the skin’s youthful appearance and reduces fine lines. The healing cream contains Hemp.


Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical
Holistic Skin Care Now With Hemp

Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical

Three paramount qualities to achieve a balanced, fulfilling, and healthy lifestyle. Our Cygalle Hemp Skin Ritual is specifically designed to help with all three. Using our skin ritual products as part of your daily wellness and skincare routine revitalizes the skin, helping you to decompress while bringing focus into the present. Infused with oxygen, Hemp, holistic minerals, and spiritual energy from the Dead Sea, Cygalle Hemp Skin Ritual releases stress and fatigue on a complete spectrum, cleanses the skin of unwanted bacteria and toxins, while providing optimal protection against the aging process. To offer an exceptional luxury experience, Cygalle Beauty products are long lasting and of the highest quality. Our containers are also made from Miron Violet Glass, which lengthens the durability and potency of our products.

Step 1:

Wet face and neck and apply with brush in upward motion. Let dry for deep cleansing or exfoliate for daily use, then rinse. Follow with Ritual N.2. 

Step 2:

After cleansing and toning, massage 2-3 drops on face and neck in upward circular motion. Use twice daily. Follow with a Ritual N.3.

Step 3:

Apply to finger tip and massage gently in circular motion, upward on neck and face. Use twice daily.


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