Bedtime Beauty Ritual Tips

New studies have suggested that due to these internal rhythms our skin’s metabolism actually slows overnight, meaning self exfoliation drops off and regeneration needs a boost. Making time for a bedtime beauty ritual or two will not only encourage a sounder night’s sleep – providing your body with the best possible conditions in which to do its thing – but maximize the impact of any products you apply. So stop telling yourself it’s a luxury, because making time for yourself is downright essential.

  • Invest in your eyes

    Our eyes seem to take the brunt of a bad night’s sleep – even if we’ve has the full 8 hours they can look puffy, creased and roughed-up come alarm time, but investing in a luxury eye cream can really help.

  • Say hello to scrunchies (again)

    Scrunchies are back, but unless you’re a millennial hipster you probably don’t fancy wearing them day-to-day. I will, however, make a case for using one at night. For one thing, if you tie your hair up to sleep anyway a soft velvety scrunchie will stop it breaking or tugging against your pillow and feel blissfully comfy compared to those old elastics you’ve been using. If you sleep with your hair down but always wonder how some women manage to get several days out of their blow dry, here’s how: Grab your hair, twist together on top of your head as if you’re putting it in a bun then loosely secure with a scrunchy.

  • Be a Bathing Beauty

    Diet bores might tell you to avoid oil and salt – but when it comes to your bathing routine, you should run straight into their arms. Add a handful of the right kind of salt to your bath water to stimulate circulation, flush out toxins and promote hydration.

  • Try a Double Cleanse

    Thought cleansing twice a day would be more than enough for anyone? Think again. Skincare experts swear by the double cleansing method, but I promise it’s easier than it sounds.

    • Start with something light and slippery on a cotton pad (oils are fantastic for this, as they cut through the waxy pigments most makeup is made up of.

    • Follow up with a richer formula, work it into skin to nudge out every last trace of dirt, grime and grease, then rinse with water.

  • Yoga – For Your Face

    Facial oils, serums and moisturizers are all well and good, but, according to the experts, simply patting them on won’t cut it. However, combining product application with a 5-minute mini-facial or ‘face yoga’ session will promote product absorption, improve circulation, facilitate the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, encourage collagen production and lymphatic drainage, flush out toxins and relieve tension in the facial muscles, helping to prevent wrinkles and encourage a restful night’s sleep. Interested? Try this simple 8-step routine:

    1. Gently massage your Cygalle serum between the palms of your hands for a few seconds to warm it through. Beginning under the chin, gently glide your hands up towards your temples, using gentle, firm pressure and smooth, flowing strokes.

      1. ntly pinch the thumb and index finger of each hand along the length of your eyebrows, working from the inner corners out. Repeat 5 times.

      2. Work around the eye sockets using your middle fingers, gently rotating fingertips on the spot as you go, with very light pressure. Repeat 5 times.

      3. Tackle crow’s feet, eye bags and puffiness with this exercise from facial yoga expert Danielle Collins: Press your middle fingers together at the inner corners of your eyebrows. Forming a V-shape with each hand, apply pressure to the outside corners of the eyebrows with your index fingers. Look up towards the ceiling and raise your lower eyelids up into a squint. Relax and repeat 6 times. Squeeze your eyes shut for 10 seconds before moving on.

      4. Place three fingers at either side of your mouth, pointing in towards your nose (index fingers just above the nostrils, middle fingers just above the top lip and ring fingers just below the bottom lip). Slowly draw your fingers outwards across your cheeks, as if drawing invisible cat’s whiskers on yourself. Relax and repeat 5 times.

      5. Place both hands on your forehead, fingers pointing in towards each other and spread from the eyebrows to the hairline. Gently sweep your fingers out across your forehead, applying light pressure to pull the skin taught. Relax and repeat 10 times. You can also try this exercise with your hands in fists to help relieve tension.

      6. Place your thumbs just under the inner corners of your brows. Slowly lean forward so that your head is resting on the fleshy pads of your thumbs. Relax for 10 seconds or so, taking slow, deep breaths.


What Are The Differences Between Ritual And Routine?

The words ritual and routine do not carry the same meaning, and the distinctions could be important for how you view your interaction with products and your self.

  • Routine

    A routine implies a habit, and something you do all the time. If you have a morning routine it’s something you do most days. That can be great for healthy habits. Our brains wire based on things we do repeatedly – neurons that fire together wire together. Every time you take an action it builds stronger neural pathways, and those pathways become harder to break. This is why it can be so difficult to rid yourself of bad habits, and why it generally takes time for a new habit to truly become part of us. The brain literally has to build new pathways to use.

    The lack of mindfulness might be persnickety though, and that is where ritual can come in.

  • Ritual

    The word ritual carries with it a sacred or special quality, which is probably why beauty brands have latched onto it recently. Ritual implies perhaps some magic or connection to a greater power. Rituals are used in most religions, and in those settings they are often ways for groups of people to come together around a common intention and share an experience together.

    Often rituals like that help channel intense energies such as joy, sadness, and wonder. The prescribed steps help us hone in on feelings that can be hard to handle, and give us a roadmap. But ritual also demands our presence in that it is meant to have an intensity that a routine does not. Ritual is special and sacred whereas routine is profane.

    Fundamentally ritual is a way to channel energy, which means intention brought to the event is quite important. How we lay out our implements, the order in which things are done, the items used, the words said, the time of day, and how long is spent on the ritual all can matter. Ritual is generally done the same way each time. This allows the body to truly relax as the mind sinks into the combination of special actions and repetition. It’s a unique power and flow that is brought about.

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