• Where is the hemp used in your products cultivated? Grand Junction Colorado 
  • Is the CBD extracted from industrial hemp or marijuana? CBD cannot be extracted from cannabis sativa as it has only 1 cannabinoid which is THC. Must only use Industrial Hemp as that is legal. 
  • How was the CBD manufactured? Through a private processing facility in Colorado.
  • What type of extraction method was used to create the CBD? Distillation only as it is not Full Spectrum if you do it any other way. 
  • Is the oil full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or CBD isolate? FULL spectrum at 70% cannabinoid structure. 
  • Has the CBD been third-party laboratory tested? Yes, Cygalle has the COA.
  • Does the CBD have a batch number? Yes, on the COA.
  • How much CBD is in your products? They all vary. Please view labels for strengths. Is the CBD dosage listed on the label? How much of the CBD is absorbed through the skin? Depends on how depleted your body is so there is no answer for this. Every body is different.  
  • Does the CBD have any additives or other ingredients like artificial flavors or colors? No, it would not be 100% organic if it was
  • Can CBD skincare make you fail a drug test? Absolutely not as its .01% THC which is below the allowed limit.